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American Medical Association (AMA)

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American Medical Association (AMA)


Working on health care at a national level. Current focus is building infrastructure that supports data liquidity, or the ease with which data can be moved around and used effectively across clinical and organizational boundaries.

In health care today we are generating an enormous amount of data, and using them to measure and improve quality, for payment, scientific research and many other purposes. Because clinicians document their work in unique ways, and our health care system consists of many thousands of different entities using as many different products, devices, solutions, etc., health data differ in ways big and small from place to place. Computers don’t yet have the intuition to make sense of it all - and using a manual “swivel chair” process to do so is expensive and doesn’t scale up well. Perhaps it would be better for all these entities and systems, and for health care overall, if electronic communication used a common language to define medical concepts - from patient demographics, vital signs and medication history to complex variables reflecting the process or outcome of a procedure.

Over the past several years at the American Medical Association and the PCPI Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on health care performance improvement, I have been working in collaboration with leading clinicians, informaticists, health care database owners and standards developing organizations to work toward just this kind of future. More to come.

Before AMA, I was a director in process improvement at a mid-sized regional health system and before that managed a quality improvement program at a large academic medical center. My early career included various engineering roles at a market-leading health IT vendor.

When not trying to improve data liquidity in health care, I may be found volunteering in local and national nonprofits and dabbling in barista.