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About the "P"

By Stephen Davidow, MBA-HCM CPHQ APR posted 06-30-2016 01:20 PM


PCPI is a stand-alone, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on supporting and promoting performance improvement throughout the entire health care delivery system – and the many stakeholders who will make that promise a reality.  For more than 17 years, PCPI was known as the American Medical Association-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI) – an unincorporated initiative of the AMA.  During that time, PCPI have created more than 300 performance measures for 43 clinical specialties. We have also focused the health care field’s attention on the value of clinical registries and supported our members’ quality improvement efforts. Today, we are simply, PCPI. You might ask, “So, what does the P stand for now?”

Patients – Simply stated, our health care delivery system exists to provide care to patients. We all know there is room for improvement and the patient voice is essential, even though historically it has been muted or blunted. As the object of the health care delivery system, patients and families must be engaged to make care better. So, PCPI will work with organizations that represent the experiences and needs of patients at the Board and committee level. The patient perspective is crucial to the 21st century health care delivery system.

Physicians – Although “physicians” are no longer in our name, they are a cornerstone to the health care delivery system and have been our traditional audience and customer through the membership of medical and specialty medical societies. Physicians and their representative organizations hold key leadership positions in the new PCPI. And, of course, the AMA is a founding member.

Providers – Successful health care delivery is a team activity. PCPI will have the active participation of all health professionals who are trained to interact and provide direct patient care.  delivery experience, as well as administrators who support the financing and delivery of health care.

Professionals – in additional to clinical care providers, much of healthcare performance improvement relies on the work of professionals in administration, finance, operations, infrastructure and health information technology.  They include those involved in electronic health records, data standards, interoperability, clinical registries, data analytics and clinical decision support and how all that data becomes actionable information to improve outcomes.

Payers – The U.S. health system is financed and organized around those whom pay for health care services. That includes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), state government, major employers, health plans and insurers, and business coalitions. As key performance criteria are implemented under the ACA legislation, working with payers will be critical to an improved health care delivery system.

Policymakers – Much of the focus on performance improvement is a result of the ACA legislation that was enacted in 2010. Key provisions such as MACRA and MIPS are taking center stage now and will have a significant impact on how providers are reimbursed based on the quality of care they provide. Regulators and legislators will continue to be deeply engaged in the implementation and revision of the legislation with a focus on driving improvement to achieve better health, better care, at lower costs. 

As PCPI has always done, it will convene these diverse stakeholders to improve care delivery because more than ever:

Performance Improvement is Everyone’s Business